Monthly Archives: December 2011

Psychic thieves, meat smugglers and flaming trucks

December 3

• A Burbank man reported his phone was stolen, and the phone company traced his phone by GPS to a house in Pasco.

• Police arrested three men on drug related charges after receiving a tip on an impending “gang fight” at K-Mart.

• A Wallace Street woman reported her car speakers were stolen, estimated value $275.

December 4

• A stereo, amplifier and four cans of beer taken from a car.

• A Walla Walla man reported fraudulent charges on his credit card were linked to a psychic hotline number. Fraudulent charges began appearing in late November after the man used his credit card to order pizza while traveling. It was the only time he has given his number over the phone, he said.

• A Palouse Street woman reported two cars’ windows were shattered by BB gun fire.

• A College Place man punched a wall, and then punched himself, during a breakup with his girlfriend.

December 5

• Thieves stole a package containing $40 of plant nutrients from a Walla Walla woman’s porch.

• A Tyson Foods employee attempted to smuggle 60-pounds of loin butts out of the food processing plant in his pants. He was arrested.

• A Walla Walla man reported his truck caught fire after he left it running to stay warm while he worked on his house.

December 6

• Thieves stole a diamond ring valued at $3,362.68, a laptop computer and other items from a car on North 12th Street.

• Employees at Safeway, on Rose Street, reported a man shoplifted a bottle of O’mara’s Irish Cream.

• A student at Waitsburg High School was arrested for possession of Hydrocodone pills he allegedly stole from his grandfather.

• A Columbia High School student reportedly returned to school drunk after lunch.

• A Milton-Freewater woman reported a man followed her home after attempting to run her off the road. A second report, called in five minutes later, stated the man, a neighbor, had thrown things at her car after the two nearly hit each other in the drive of their trailer park.