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Emergency services – man hits deer, police chase teens, cell phones stolen …

November 15

  •  A Walla Walla man reported hitting a deer on Mill Creek Road. Officers investigating the incident later, with help from the driver, reported someone had removed the skull and antlers of the large whitetail buck.
  •  A Burbank woman reported her car was vandalized at Columbia High School during school hours.

November 16

  •  A Riggs Lane resident reported someone stole a chain saw and 8-foot ladder from his garage.
  •  Police arrested three teens for breaking into a car at Safeway, 215 E. Rose St., and stealing a purse.
  • A Walla Walla store owner chose not to press charges against a Milton-Freewater woman who had planned to shoplift from his store. According to the shopkeeper, the woman admitted her plan and returned several items when confronted. She also helped track down an accomplice who had already absconded with stolen goods.

November 17

  •  Police chased two teens on foot after receiving a call reporting suspicious activity and a possible car break-in. The teens were arrested for investigation of obstructing.
  •  A Waitsburg resident reported her mailbox was damaged by a blunt instrument, possibly a baseball bat.
  • A Walla Walla High School student reported her $300 cellphone was taken from her backpack.
  • A Walla Walla man reported a suspected gun theft when he did an inventory of his guns that he wanted to pass on to his children.
  • Walla Walla County engineers reported damage to a chain link fence surrounding their shop on Dell Avenue. The fence had been cut, but apparently nothing had been taken.
  • A Walla Walla man was arrested on felony warrants when police conducted a follow-up interview in a shoplifting case.
  • Los Tapatios Market staff reported a suspected shoplifter walked off with a cellphone.
  • A Pioneer Middle School teacher reported an unknown student left him a threatening note.
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