Psychic thieves, meat smugglers and flaming trucks

December 3

• A Burbank man reported his phone was stolen, and the phone company traced his phone by GPS to a house in Pasco.

• Police arrested three men on drug related charges after receiving a tip on an impending “gang fight” at K-Mart.

• A Wallace Street woman reported her car speakers were stolen, estimated value $275.

December 4

• A stereo, amplifier and four cans of beer taken from a car.

• A Walla Walla man reported fraudulent charges on his credit card were linked to a psychic hotline number. Fraudulent charges began appearing in late November after the man used his credit card to order pizza while traveling. It was the only time he has given his number over the phone, he said.

• A Palouse Street woman reported two cars’ windows were shattered by BB gun fire.

• A College Place man punched a wall, and then punched himself, during a breakup with his girlfriend.

December 5

• Thieves stole a package containing $40 of plant nutrients from a Walla Walla woman’s porch.

• A Tyson Foods employee attempted to smuggle 60-pounds of loin butts out of the food processing plant in his pants. He was arrested.

• A Walla Walla man reported his truck caught fire after he left it running to stay warm while he worked on his house.

December 6

• Thieves stole a diamond ring valued at $3,362.68, a laptop computer and other items from a car on North 12th Street.

• Employees at Safeway, on Rose Street, reported a man shoplifted a bottle of O’mara’s Irish Cream.

• A student at Waitsburg High School was arrested for possession of Hydrocodone pills he allegedly stole from his grandfather.

• A Columbia High School student reportedly returned to school drunk after lunch.

• A Milton-Freewater woman reported a man followed her home after attempting to run her off the road. A second report, called in five minutes later, stated the man, a neighbor, had thrown things at her car after the two nearly hit each other in the drive of their trailer park.

Emergency services – man hits deer, police chase teens, cell phones stolen …

November 15

  •  A Walla Walla man reported hitting a deer on Mill Creek Road. Officers investigating the incident later, with help from the driver, reported someone had removed the skull and antlers of the large whitetail buck.
  •  A Burbank woman reported her car was vandalized at Columbia High School during school hours.

November 16

  •  A Riggs Lane resident reported someone stole a chain saw and 8-foot ladder from his garage.
  •  Police arrested three teens for breaking into a car at Safeway, 215 E. Rose St., and stealing a purse.
  • A Walla Walla store owner chose not to press charges against a Milton-Freewater woman who had planned to shoplift from his store. According to the shopkeeper, the woman admitted her plan and returned several items when confronted. She also helped track down an accomplice who had already absconded with stolen goods.

November 17

  •  Police chased two teens on foot after receiving a call reporting suspicious activity and a possible car break-in. The teens were arrested for investigation of obstructing.
  •  A Waitsburg resident reported her mailbox was damaged by a blunt instrument, possibly a baseball bat.
  • A Walla Walla High School student reported her $300 cellphone was taken from her backpack.
  • A Walla Walla man reported a suspected gun theft when he did an inventory of his guns that he wanted to pass on to his children.
  • Walla Walla County engineers reported damage to a chain link fence surrounding their shop on Dell Avenue. The fence had been cut, but apparently nothing had been taken.
  • A Walla Walla man was arrested on felony warrants when police conducted a follow-up interview in a shoplifting case.
  • Los Tapatios Market staff reported a suspected shoplifter walked off with a cellphone.
  • A Pioneer Middle School teacher reported an unknown student left him a threatening note.
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Emergency services – 11/10-11/14

November 10

  • A College Place woman reported to the Milton-Freewater Police Department that her bother’s car was stolen while he, currently, is in jail. After a short investigation, MFPD discovered the man was in jail for trying to sell stolen vehicles, and the car in question was not registered to him. When police contacted the man, he did not want to sign the car as stolen.

November 11

  • Dixie residents reported the theft of video games and game equipment, among other items, valued at roughly $1,200.

November 12

  •  A woman reported thieves stole her 1993 Ford Explorer when she stopped at The Cigarette Store Too in Milton-Freewater. She stated she saw someone drive her SUV away, followed by a suspicious red Thunderbird, when she came out of the store to get her wallet from her vehicle.
  • A Milton-Freewater woman told police she was upset that someone had been “stealing property and putting it on her property,” when Umatilla County Sheriff’s deputies asked her about signs belonging to the Milton-Freewater Police Department found in her yard.
  •  A Helix resident reported a .22 rifle stolen.
  •  A Milton-Freewater resident reported a Colt .357 handgun stolen.
  • A Walla Walla woman reported she was assaulted by a friend at her home after an evening of drinking at a local bowling alley.

November 13

  •  A pregnant Walla Walla woman reported her sister assaulted her. After a medical checkup at a local hospital, no problems with the child were reported.
  •  Police arrested a Walla Walla man after he created a disturbance at Red Monkey.
  •  Police mailed a citation to a man who fled capture after violating a restraining order.
  •  A Malcolm Street man reported $10 in loose change stolen from his car during the night.
  •  A Rancho Villa resident reported his trailer winch, estimated value $600, stolen.
  •  McDonald’s employee’s reported a phony $20 bill.
  •  Police arrested a Milton-Freewater man after he attempted to assault his girlfriend at La Ramada Mexican Restaurant.
  •  A suspected shoplifter returned items after being confronted by Grocery Outlet employees in the store’s parking lot.

November 14

  • Christian Aid Center staff reported a man broke a window at the charitable organization after he was asked to leave. According to witnesses, the 44-year-old man stated he had just been released from jail and was “looking to get hooked up” with some meth.
  • Walla Walla police arrested a Prescott man for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop.
  • A Los Angeles truck driver hit a telephone pole after turning onto a bike path near West Pine Street. Then driver thought the bike path was a freeway on-ramp.
  • Police arrested a 16-year-old for assaulting a 15-year-old at Lincoln Alternative High School in Walla Walla. Both were enrolled as students.
  • A Milton-Freewater woman reported her daughter stole her pickup truck, possibly to go see a friend.
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The week of 11/7-11/9

November 7th

  • An East Chestnut Street resident reported the theft of items from her home, including an estimated $1,000 in makeup.
  • Athena residents reported a 3-year-old possibly drank “vaporize steam liquid.”
  • Two men were arrested for marijuana possession after police discovered the pair smoking pot in a parked car on Union Street.

November 8th

  • Resident members of the Autumn Meadows Home Owners Association reported unknown subjects drove through their neighborhood and randomly egged vehicles.
  • A North Clinton Street woman reported her car was sprayed with dry chemical fire retardant.
  • The theft of $2,100 in electronics and tools were taken from a Whitman College Art Department studio. An art professor reported thieves left a beer can at the scene.
  • A Walla Walla woman reported she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend after she spent the night with him.
  • Police arrested a Garrison Middle School student on drug charges and seized two “baggies” of marijuana and a glass pipe as evidence.
  • A Milton-Freewater man reported someone “took out” his mailbox.
  • A spool of copper wire was reported stolen form an Athena-area wind farm.


November 9th

  • Super 1 Foods reported a shoplifter. Among the items taken were pepperoni sticks, wart remover, incense, corn panes and other foot care products.
  • A 14-month-old, purebred English bulldog was placed in quarantine after biting a 12-year-old girl at a birthday party.
  • Walla Walla police reported two incidents of graffiti.
  • A Burbank woman reported her house was egged twice.

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