Crispy Jesus

Here’s another one for the “irony or coincidence” file.

Everyone has heard about the six-story statue of Jesus in Ohio, right?

You know, the one that was known as the “Touchdown Jesus” because it had both arms raised like a referee signaling a score?

And you know that was struck by lightning and burned to the ground the other day?
(If you didn’t, you can read about it here.)
So Barbara Metzger, a former U-B reporter, went on her Facebook page and offered a prize to any of her friends who could come up with the best comment. A co-worker passed them along and if you think I’m not going share some of the better ones, think again.

So, here we go:
“Score! Touchdown!”
“The lead in the Washington Post was pretty good: `It appears God has sacrificed his only son. Again.’”
“So will they rebuild the statue or just wait three days for it to rise again?”
“I said burning bush, not burning bust!”
“Drop kick me Jesus/Through the goalposts of life.”
“Holy Me, Dad, what did you do!?” “Sorry, son, I was aiming for the rest of Ohio.”
“Mama said there would be days like this.”
“Burnt offerings.”
“JESUS CHRIST, I told you to keep your arms down! You look like a lightning rod!”
“And God said, `I wasn’t kidding when I said no other gods before me.’”
“This is my final answer, `Sure beats crucifiction.’”
Now excuse me, I think it’s time to duck into the bunker.


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