Weird (but cool) weather

The past winter (as well as this spring) have produced some remarkable weather.

Some of the remarks may even be printable, but probably none that concern ice and snow.

In regards to that topic, Cecil Adams, a know-it-all who writes The Straight Dope column, spoke for many of us when he was once asked “What are the nine Eskimo words for snow?”

“I’ve got a lot more than nine words for snow, and I don’t even need to resort to Eskimo. That’s because I have a powerful descriptive vocabulary,” Adams shot back.

(He went on to explain that, due to the nature of their language, Eskimos have a lot more than nine words for snow. But you get the idea.)

That said, a co-worker just sent along a snow-related item that doesn’t provoke any swear words. As a matter of fact, the exclamation of “cool!” comes to mind, no pun intended.

The subject is “snow rollers” and you can view them here, courtesy of those fun folks at the National Weather Service.

Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of this year’s frozen crud and can look forward to steadily rising temperatures instead.

It figures, I just got a set of Yaktracks which I haven’t even tried on yet. And now that I have them, I’ll bet next year’s winter will set a record for warm and dry. You can thank me later.


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