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I have a new friend

She just doesn’t know it yet.
It’s Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook, the Adorable One who is becoming more famous by the viewing on the World Wide Web.
courtesy of david kim photography. In san francisco, no less
Here is what she says on her website, which is also adorable.
Hi everyone!  I’m Wendy. I find inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music. And for me, fashion is a compilation of all that. Fashion is a vehicle for me to play with shapes and colors in order to uncover my personal style. Even though I’m inspired by images I see on the runways, I’m more captivated by images I see on the streets. Like music and art, fashion and style are forms of creative self-expression, where each of us are architects creating unique designs and looks.
YouTube Channel :: http://www.youtube.com/wendyslookbook
Facebook Page :: http://www.facebook.com/wendyslookbook
Twitter Page :: http://twitter.com/wendynguyen
In addition to fashion, I’m also very passionate about juvenile justice.  I grew up in foster care, carried my belongings in a trash bag and worried about being homeless at the age of 18.  I worked three jobs in high school to save enough money to go to college and as a result feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to do so.  I finished high school with honors, emancipated from the foster care system, and went to the University of California, Berkeley, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
Throughout my sophomore to senior year in college, I volunteered as a counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic providing mental health services to the homeless community and also as a visiting teacher at Harding Elementary working with underprivileged students.  After college, I continued to work with marginalized communities, mainly as an educator.  I volunteered at the San Francisco Juvenile Detention Center, working with incarcerated youths in the maximum security unit, for over a year and a half.   Most of these youths, like me, were from broken homes and/or foster care.  I taught the high school curriculum with the goal of helping these youths pass the high school exit exam, so they’ll have a second chance in life once they leave juvenile hall.
I’m forever thankful to my friends, who I consider my family, my dear brother, and my amazing boyfriend for all of their support and love.  I feel truly blessed in life.
Thank you for reading =)
Right? And if that’s not enough, Wendy has made fashion NO LONGER SO DANGED INTIMIDATING.
Here’s the deal. Superficial or not, I have a new-found appreciation for clothes. I don’t care if they come from Goodwill, online, local clothing store — or, best of all, a friend’s closet —  having things fit and feeling pretty in them is fun! After so many decades of believing I could care less about my wardrobe.
Even at 50-plus, when I wear a fetching outfit and Camo Man’s eyes do that little up-and-down check over, I get all 16-year-old-girly, despite growing up during the most fervent of the Feminist Movement years.
Sure, I know my actual self worth doesn’t increase with the height of my boots. I know I’m not measured in any real way by how I’m dressed. It’s just fun to look nice and wear some things I never thought I could.
Or would, even if I could.
But leggings or no, fashion remains daunting, intimidating and just plain scary to most of us. Clothes cost money, mostly, or you at least owe your friend a coffee date for giving you her American Apparel tunic. Gray, flattering and versatile at that. And when you make a mistake, you often REALLY MAKE A MISTAKE. That you may not realize until you see yourself in the family photo.
Wendy knows this, it seems. On comes the short-and-snappy video, where the young woman prances and twirls and bounces and laughs. At herself…a lotta laughing at Wendy. But while she does all that, often to happy music, she’s explaining just how whatever look she’s modeling was achieved. Layered classiness? No prob — this girl is going to tell you exactly how to do that.
My first intro was in the now-viral YouTube tutorial (Tuborial?), “25 ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes.” After being involuntarily hypnotized by the quick-handed Wendy for the first two viewings, I was hooked. And here I thought I was the only woman in America who missed Scarf Tying 101.
My friend Rayne, who is responsible for handing me this new addiction, puts Wendy’s attributes this way. “Her skill is in re-infusing joy into fashion. Instead of fear.”
The minute you visit her site you’ll know what I’m talking about, ladies. And men, you might want to take a gander because Valentine’s Day is  a mere 840 hours away. You cannot start shopping too soon.