Two words you may have not previously combined

Lot of talk right now about the economy being in the toilet. For one company, however, the economy is on top of the toilet.

From marketing mad man Todd Brabender at Spread The News PR, Inc. comes “Toilet Tattoos — interchangeable, multi-themed electro-static decals that decorate the lid of any toilet.”

I know, your very first thought is “yuck.” Your second thought is, “You’ve got to be kidding. Someone is marketing this stuff?”

To understand, you need to know is there has probably never been more of a PR pusher than Todd. He is a marketer’s marketer, the guy who will sell bed fans one week and the Pickle Sickle the next. For every improbable product out there, Todd is ready.

I couldn’t fully appreciate Todd until he sent me this Wall Street Journal story; after that, an email from Todd kind of feels like a presidential candidate just stopped by my desk.

I admit, however, Toilet Tattoos set even me back on my chair just a little. According to the press release, “a new patent pending concept in toilet
décor called Toilet Tattoos is aimed at satisfying today’s
modern need for an easy, quick and changeable decorating

The decals are the “only toilet lid embellishment on the
market that is removable, reusable and wipes clean. Toilet
Tattoos can transform the look of the toilet… Toilet Tattoos are made from
electrostatic vinyl film; they are reusable and will not harm
the toilet lid when removed.  Toilet Tattoos come in a wide
array of designs including: classic patterns, wallpaper styles,
whimsical themes, floral scenes, seasonal & holiday motifs and
more. The company also reproduces original paintings or
photographs onto the Toilet Tattoos.”

And, seeing how it’s an election year, the potty picture shoppe is carrying two versions of Joe the Plumber art.

Not to mention toilet-training deco, one called “Twinkle Tinkle Star.” Really.

I can just see the possibilities, and I certainly hope the company is working on one that tells men to put down the seat. Or replace the toilet paper. Or screw the lid on the toothpaste while they are sitting there…

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